Friday, March 5, 2010

Can't Wait!

I just read over on Joanna Goddard's Blog that Anthropologie is launching a wedding brand in the Spring of 2011!! I wonder if Drew will understand my need to postpone our wedding until next summer... :) But seriously, bridal gowns, jewelry, shoes, invitations, decorations... Can you imagine? I can't and that's why it's so exciting!

I swear, this was my idea. Somehow, the designers at Anthro got into my brain and thought- hey, she's right, a wedding line would be GENIUS! Part of me is so excited right now, and part of me is disappointed that my wedding will fall one year too early! Is that ridiculous? I mean, sure I'm still jazzed to be getting married... but this entire time I've been saying how much easier this process would be if Anthropologie would only create wedding dresses, invites, shoes, etc (as if I could afford all of that... but that's besides the point).

Now if they would only offer gift registry before June...


  1. That is awesome news! The Limited just announced their wedding line not too long ago, which will be out this summer. Loving this news about Anthropologie!!

  2. This is such exciting news! I'm kinda bummed too that I already had my wedding earlier this year...maybe there will just have to be some vow renewals in the near future! ;)
    PS- I saw that you posted our wedding on here (the cotton wedding) and was so excited to be on your blog! Thank you! (oh...and Anthro doesn't have a registry but they have a wish list and my hubby and I got plenty of stuff off of ours!) :)