Thursday, February 25, 2010


Did you guys get a chance to see this wedding over at Green Wedding Shoes last week? I'm dying over it. The details are just... they are so perfect. Go have a look for yourself.

Dear Wedding Genie/God,

Can I please have a wedding that is as beautiful, cohesive, and put together as the wedding above?


Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello bloggies. Sorry I've been MIA this week. I've been sick and my doctor thought I had appendicitis, but I don't. Just some mysterious abdominal pains. Weirdly enough, last Tuesday and Wednesday I was doubled over in pain, unable to walk or ride in a car comfortably. And then Thursday morning (after a night in the ER) I woke up feeling 100%. We're still not sure what happened, but I'm on antibiotics and I'm on the mend!

How about I make up my absence to you by sharing some Spring dresses from ModCloth that I'm dreaming about and am totally ready to start wearing already!
Paired with some boots and a belt for a date with my fiance.
Rehearsal Dinner Dress?? Is it okay to wear black to your rehearsal dinner?

To the office (right, I'm still unemployed, doesn't mean I can't plan the outfits I would wear if I had a job).
For a garden wedding (not my own, as a guest).

Do I need a reason for this one? I want it just because!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Check out this house, made entirely of recycled materials which totals in cost to $2,200. I'm inspired.

AWESOME house made entirely out of Recycled Materials!

EcoPSYCHOlogist | MySpace Video

Friday, February 5, 2010

Turquoise Furniture

So, lately I've kind of been obsessed with the idea of painting every wooden surface in my house turquoise. It's not that I want all of my furniture to be turquoise. Noooo, certainly not- in fact, I had a friend who's great aunt died and when they went to pack up her house it was entirely turquoise- her walls, furniture, clothing, china, jewelry, etc. True story. I would have loved to have taken pictures in the house, but definitely not to have lived in it. It's just that when I see a piece of wooden furniture, I think- oh how lovely that would look if it were painted turquoise!

Well, Drew is allowing me to satisfy my urge by letting me paint our kitchen table turquoise! I have totally been swooning over this photo for the past few weeks, and I can't wait for it to get just a teensy bit warmer out so that I can happily sand, paint, wax, and distress away in my garage. Any tips on distressing furniture?

I have also had my eyes on a pair of aqua nightstands at a local antique store, and I've decided that if they are still there tomorrow, I am going to get them. If I do score them, I think I'll have to stop with the turquoise furniture for a while, or at least move on to a new color.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Grace and William

I wanted to share some of my personal favorites from Grace and William's celebration. It was such a unique experience for Drew and I because these are such good friends of ours. We had just been with them this summer in Tanzania and they were key players in our engagement! We got to enjoy this wedding as both photographers and guests.

While still in Tanzania, Grace collected different African inspired goodies to decorate with. At the end of the night, guests got to take home the fabric stars as a favor, and some of us were even lucky enough to snag one of those great wooden vases (which are made from retired fishing boats from TZ!).

Their ceremony was really sweet, since they had technically been married for a few months before they moved to the States. They walked down the aisle together and both wrote new vows based on what they had experienced together in their first few months of marriage. William wrote Grace a song, and Grace wrote William a poem.

The best part for me, as the photographer, was that since they were already married, there wasn't a ton of stress and nerves before the ceremony. This allowed us to drive all around town to find the perfect photo opportunities.

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