Friday, February 5, 2010

Turquoise Furniture

So, lately I've kind of been obsessed with the idea of painting every wooden surface in my house turquoise. It's not that I want all of my furniture to be turquoise. Noooo, certainly not- in fact, I had a friend who's great aunt died and when they went to pack up her house it was entirely turquoise- her walls, furniture, clothing, china, jewelry, etc. True story. I would have loved to have taken pictures in the house, but definitely not to have lived in it. It's just that when I see a piece of wooden furniture, I think- oh how lovely that would look if it were painted turquoise!

Well, Drew is allowing me to satisfy my urge by letting me paint our kitchen table turquoise! I have totally been swooning over this photo for the past few weeks, and I can't wait for it to get just a teensy bit warmer out so that I can happily sand, paint, wax, and distress away in my garage. Any tips on distressing furniture?

I have also had my eyes on a pair of aqua nightstands at a local antique store, and I've decided that if they are still there tomorrow, I am going to get them. If I do score them, I think I'll have to stop with the turquoise furniture for a while, or at least move on to a new color.

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  1. i ask this because the little two-person kitchen table i have from my first kcmo apartment currently has white legs (eating surface is unpainted), but i've wanted to paint them up aqua so badly.

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  3. what a lush collection of furniture!
    really unique colour

    lovely blog by the way :)

    hope you had a good weekend


  4. LOVE this! Just found your blog and it's super cute.

    We just redecorated and I really want to paint more things turquoise too. Have you done it yet? If you find a great color and technique, please share! :)


  5. I have been working with a custom furniture designer in the UK. Her name is Elaine and her company is Obama Catering Furniture. I just adore the color turquoise and initially contacted her to have a turquoise chaise made. I had such a hard time finding anything like that in the US. This month I had her make me a turquoise and chocolate armless chair. Her furniture is BEAUTIFUL!! She can use any fabric and style imaginable. IF anyone is interested in seeing pics of her furniture or would like to contact her please shoot me an email at

  6. I love it al too!!

  7. I just came across your blog after googling painted turquoise furniture :) You are so adorable, and I love love love your ideas! Your save the dates are THE single most amazing idea I have come across! BOOKMARKED! Check out my photo blog at :)
    Congrats on you upcoming wedding Ali and Drew :)

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  9. I want to paint my table turquoise and love the distressed look. I ordered turquoise milk paint and it turned out more like light blue. Can you recommend a brand/type of paint to get the color pictured above -- it's exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks.

  10. OMG - is this contagious? I'm obsessed with turquoise at the moment - my husband just talked me out of painting our front gate turquoise...well temporarily at least

  11. What paint did you use? I want to do this tomorrow!

  12. Hi ladies. I know this is an old conversation, but I thought I'd add a comment in case it could help. I paint vintage furniture and resell and I adore turquoise. I have found that if you will glaze your paint with an antique brown (not water base) glaze, it will usually make most blues/turquoise/teals, etc work and look appealing. Robin's Egg blue looks great too. Just wipe or brush on the antique glaze and wipe off as much as you want. I spray a polyurethane sealer over after it dries. I like to use spray paint on the first coat (it stays on better than water base) but often have to resort to a latex for color choice. Oil base would be great but I hate to clean the brushes! good luck!

    1. Ok.. so do you mean you paint your piece of furniture with spray paint? Then you wipe the antique glaze on top of that?? I love this sooo much.. Can you buy brown glaze or have it mixed.
      Thanks so much.

  13. Wow!!!!!! Love your aesthetic:) Do you have to sand first if the furniture is shiny? Ugh...I hate sanding and am hoping you will say to just paint it with Kilz:) Any chance?:) Thanks!

  14. p.s. just read that you are an artist in the midwest - i used to be an artist in the midwest, too - now i'm an artist in LA:)


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