Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello bloggies. Sorry I've been MIA this week. I've been sick and my doctor thought I had appendicitis, but I don't. Just some mysterious abdominal pains. Weirdly enough, last Tuesday and Wednesday I was doubled over in pain, unable to walk or ride in a car comfortably. And then Thursday morning (after a night in the ER) I woke up feeling 100%. We're still not sure what happened, but I'm on antibiotics and I'm on the mend!

How about I make up my absence to you by sharing some Spring dresses from ModCloth that I'm dreaming about and am totally ready to start wearing already!
Paired with some boots and a belt for a date with my fiance.
Rehearsal Dinner Dress?? Is it okay to wear black to your rehearsal dinner?

To the office (right, I'm still unemployed, doesn't mean I can't plan the outfits I would wear if I had a job).
For a garden wedding (not my own, as a guest).

Do I need a reason for this one? I want it just because!


  1. Al- love these dresses! So sorry to hear about the hospital :( Are you ok?? Let's talk soon? I'm free next week. Love you so much!

  2. love that last dress! makes me think of the ocean for some reason--maybe the colors & the little sails in the pattern--too cute!