Monday, February 1, 2010

Grace and William

I wanted to share some of my personal favorites from Grace and William's celebration. It was such a unique experience for Drew and I because these are such good friends of ours. We had just been with them this summer in Tanzania and they were key players in our engagement! We got to enjoy this wedding as both photographers and guests.

While still in Tanzania, Grace collected different African inspired goodies to decorate with. At the end of the night, guests got to take home the fabric stars as a favor, and some of us were even lucky enough to snag one of those great wooden vases (which are made from retired fishing boats from TZ!).

Their ceremony was really sweet, since they had technically been married for a few months before they moved to the States. They walked down the aisle together and both wrote new vows based on what they had experienced together in their first few months of marriage. William wrote Grace a song, and Grace wrote William a poem.

The best part for me, as the photographer, was that since they were already married, there wasn't a ton of stress and nerves before the ceremony. This allowed us to drive all around town to find the perfect photo opportunities.

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  1. simply beautiful, you two! Love your work, can you come shoot my 50th anniversary party? :) It'll be a few years...

  2. Seriously! Do you do weddings, because these are gorgeous!?

  3. This location is stunning? Can you share where it was held?